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Ieva Poriete

Latvian born fashion designer Ieva Poriete specialises in couture dressmaking and ladies tailoring. Ieva studied fashion design at Southampton Solent University, since graduating in 2012, Ieva has been running her own fashion design business in Royal Windsor, United Kingdom.

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Celebrating 10 years of bespoke fashion.

My Story

Ieva's love affair with the world of bespoke ladieswear began at a remarkably young age.

She vividly recalls her earliest foray into fashion, a shirt-making experiment that would set the course for her life's work. Picture a young Ieva, fabric spread out on the floor, her body serving as the canvas. She traced an outline with unwavering determination, cut out the pieces, and stitched them together. To her surprise, the armhole turned out too narrow.

It was this very moment, a humble attempt at creation, that ignited her passion.

Driven by an innate calling, she immersed herself in the art of dressmaking. She went beyond experimenting for herself, extending her craft to friends and family.

Those early days laid the foundation for what would become a brilliant career in fashion.

Ieva's quest for perfection led her to study Fashion Design at Southampton Solent University, refining her skills and nurturing her innate talent.


Her journey took a transformative turn when Ieva established her atelier boutique on the prestigious Eton High Street. Here, her talent flourished as she catered to the discerning tastes of clients with a penchant for sophistication.

Yet, it was during this time that Ieva's keen eye spotted a void in the world of elegant and modern tailoring solutions for businesswomen.

With unwavering dedication, she delved into research and testing, seeking the perfect made-to-measure tailoring partners who could meet the exacting standards of bespoke design. Visit LULU STRIPE Tailoring page for more details.


Ieva Poriete's impressive portfolio includes dressing the stages of Theatre Royal Windsor and gracing the pages of renowned publications like Hello magazine and the esteemed Daily Mail Weekend.

Her artistry extends beyond the spotlight, as she has collaborated with British entertainment treasures and provided her expertise to esteemed television networks. But Ieva's true passion lies in serving individual clients, curating personalized wardrobes that blend sophistication and modernity. Her enduring commitment to the art of bespoke ladieswear continues to redefine elegance, one impeccably crafted garment at a time.


Join us in celebrating Ieva Poriete's remarkable journey, where the fabric of passion, the thread of craftsmanship, and the needle of dedication converge to create bespoke masterpieces that enchant and empower.

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