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The Essence of Style

Here at Ieva Poriete fashion design studio we create exclusive designs that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own personal style. Ieva started her fashion career as bespoke womenswear designer then expanded into theatre and performance costumes. Ieva is also passionate about mentoring up-and-coming fashion design students and puts her heart and sole into any project she is involved with.

2019 and it is time for the studio to launch two new projects Lulu Stripe a made-to-measure women’s business wear brand delivering wardrobe solutions for busy business ladies and Emotional Appeal a social enterprise project that looks at what it takes to do the job we do. Goal is to build a platform of inspiring stories from people like me and you. We all have days when you need a hug. Cosy jumpers are designed to remind you that taking a break is part of progress. Picture the moment meetings are concluded and you find yourself in your hotel room away from your family. We want you to know you are not alone. While traveling, preparing for those all important meetings or perhaps just to sit back and relax in your surroundings, wear a cosy jumper. Profits from the sales will be invested in social projects to make positive change. 



I like to think that it took three men to make me. My father who showed me anything is possible he would encourage me to try new things spending time outdoors building tree houses or maybe in the garage testing new ideas to breaking point.  Back in my teenage years when I first started working for a designer in Latvia, my father would try on my menswear creations and walk across the living room like a supermodel. He liked to humour me and would say 'I would not be able to wear this but I know someone who could'.  Sadly he passed away just the same time as I finished my studies at Solent University, Southampton UK and it broke me completely.
My husband tried to take his place but after seven years there was not enough love between us to keep me going. Thus it was time for change and being my fathers daughter I had the courage and determination to move on in both my personal and business life. This brings me to man number three my first business partner where I learned than when your business partner does not share or understand your vision or creativity it is time to move on or risk the chance of failure.
What have I learnt for 2019  If you are hardworking, creative and passionate about what you want to achieve and have the support of my many friends and clients then anything is achievable. So in memory of my father ‘watch this space and follow my new creations’.



Bespoke womenswear 

Basil Brush once said – welcome to the Aladdin’s cave where anything is possible. 

We understand the body and needs of a women. Valentino once said “I know what women want, they want to feel beautiful” we use that as a motto. With years of experience Ieva can easily and quickly understand what the client is having in mind. Exclusive couture fabrics, personalised fittings and genuinely good advice on what will suit you and what will bring the spark out. If you're going to be the mother of a bride or groom, there is a special birthday party coming up or a black tie event, book a consultation. Ieva will help you, she will design and custom make the outfit to make you look and feel beautiful.

If you are an artist, stage persona, athlete who needs that special performance  costume designed and made to boost your confidence  and turn the career to the next level, give us a call!






Black Cosy Jumper