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Thank you so much for all your efforts towards my eldest daughter’s wedding in July 2022.

After various initial disappointing visits to bridal shops, we were delighted with the beautiful dress you made for her based on our few design ideas.

Also my ‘Mother of the Bride’ outfit, which from only a few initial thoughts  was developed along the way and which you executed beautifully.

We were very grateful that you were also willing to alter both the off the peg bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, to fit better and look nicer.

You were most kind, helpful and supportive throughout: from choosing the fabrics to the generosity of your time and patience with the numerous fittings. 

Anne Rowell

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We just give Ieva some images and description of what we are planning. After that we catch up once or twice to see how she has developed the concept. every year it gets better and better. I always look forward to have the costumes made.

Dame Steven Blakeley

BoomBoom! We landed a front cover of Daily Mail July 27th 2019. Ieva is an artists this Scottish kilt for Basil is a piece of art!

Basil Brush

Designer Ieva Poriete wearing orange tailored jacket with hand beaded waist and collar detail. Ieva was invited to join a discussion panel for fashion students at Conde Nast College of Fashion.

Ieva Poriete

I call Ieva and give her brief info how I want to feel. This silver lace was exquisite. I felt so special in this dress!


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This was the year of MeToo movement. At first I wanted to go with red colour, it took my breath away when I saw one of the fabrics Ieva had picked up from Paris. Navy blue floral lace with lilac underlay.


Build up of Royal Wedding 2018. Jet leg and noisy hotel with many media companies trying to get the best angle of Windsor Castle. TV personality Giuliana Rancic was already overwhelmed, I came to rescue the dress and made small alterations for it to fit perfect when seated in front of camera.

Giuliana Rancic

I felt confident and people came up to me to compliment the outfit and of course the achievement. Life can be unpredictable, Ieva helped prepare for it all. now that my son is getting married I will only go to Ieva Poriete to design my outfit.


Build up of the baby shower can be overwhelming. How do you look glamorous and feel beautiful 9 month pregnant? Of course you do just naturally, but with Ievas skills we achieved effortless glamorous look on the day as well.


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While Ievas studio was situated on Eton high street, we designed special edition Royal Wedding T-shirts. They were in high demand from all around the world. Posing with a happy client from New York.

Ieva & Client

Figure skating is a very demanding sport. Ieva supports the athletic talent by designing their performance outfits. Frankfurt, Germany.

Marie & Eleni

Getting ready for weddings can be stressful. Ieva took the worry away by listening and understanding me.

Karen & Family

How it all comes together is a real miracle especially when you try to coordinate accessories and take the travel in consideration.


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Juli and her husband used to come up to Windsor for a weekend away. Main task was the dress fitting. We would often have video-calls to check up on detail and progress of the dress. We designed a jacket to go with the dress, but it turned out to be the hottest summer on record.


My friend and I wondered into Ievas studio long before my daughters wedding. We had a very nice chat and my friend asked if she can make me feel beautiful for the special ocassion. with confidence Ieva said yes , so I returned closer to the time to have an outfit made.


I love this dress, but for the show I needed to make sure it stays in place and hugs the figure in all the right places. Ieva did it all there and then while having a pleasant conversation with me.

Denise Pearson

Delicate but bold addition to my evening outfit. Ieva made an organza cape with black velvet rim to compliment my choice of the dress for the evening.


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My mother-in-law had gifted me this fabric. Ieva turned it into a summery dress, perfect for family get-to-gethers.


There is nothing better than work clothes that actully fit and make you feel so much more confident and comfortable.


Debra was in UK on work asignment when she came across Ievas studio. Few months later she returned with her sister for a long weekend to have dresses designed an made for a wedding in USA that summer.

Debra and Marsha

Kates mom is just over 90 now. Both of them visited my studio about 5 years ago. It only took a moment and Anne said, although I like what Kate gets me, I prefere to make my own decisions. Since then we have made three trousersuits and about 5 shirts.

Kate and mom

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Feminine waterfall skirt, butterfly sleeve and high collar. Gown was made for  work end of season awards.


Finishing touch on the collar was added after discussing what jewellery will go with the outfit. We came to conclusion of delicaate beading to compliment any choice of pendant.


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