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LULU STRIPE: Collections


In urban legend, Lulu was an extraordinary woman who has seen hard times but remains strong, kind and true. Lulu Stripe stands for style, strength and resilience, whether travelling alone on vital assignments or returning to work after maternity leave.

Our aim is to provide each client with a capsule wardrobe of made-to-measure investment pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a series of signature looks. A Lulu Stripe client can fit enough pieces into a single carryon to create distinctive looks for important meetings throughout a two-week business trip.

We understand the current work place environment. Creator Ieva Poriete has selected very formal Italian quality wool with little bit of stretch as well less formal Swiss cotton matirials, also with stretch, for easy transition between formal meetings and day to day desk work.


Lulu Stripe delivers personal styling and tailoring service for professional women.

During workplace consultations, we listen to clients’ needs and wants, show design and fabric options, and take and deliver orders.

Process of the order

  • First appointment - discusses garments, select fabrics and take measurements.

  • After 6-8 weeks your tailor will notify that a fitting is coming up.

  • Second appointment – fitting of garments.

  • Third appointment – last fitting and delivery of garments.


Lulu Stripe is your confident and conventional companion towards a successful career.

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