Why call it Lulu Stripe?

Name Lulu Stripe just arrived one night. After intensive row of messages back and forth with some of the most trusted friends who been there through the development of Ieva Poriete. Are you sure? What does it mean? What it stands for? What’s the link for you? And so on... like a court trial - I said no somehow thats the name. Pearl in Arabic sounds the same as lulu.

Lulu stripe - it’s a combination of stripes, commonly know in interior design world. New chair covers in Curfew Yard studio are in lulu stripe.

Here is the definition of Lulu girl that we agreed will work the best!

Lulu - the definition of amazing girl. Beautiful in every single way. Always goes out of her way to make you feel better. She genuinly cares about you. Her eyes can light up any dark day. She comes across as very independent, but loves to have someone there for her. She loves to have fun, is funny, is laid back, and is very down to earth. She treats everyone with the upmost respect unless they do something bad to her. She has been through a lot, so she can be very guarded and very emotional. Treat her well; be gentle, loving and caring. Even if she does get rid of you one day, she will never forget you. Try to get in contact with her and you won’t regret it.

Stripe stands for making your own path or mark in the word. Original signature has a green line - make your way in current life amongst the traditions and established systems.

Lulu Stripe made to measure womenswear will be like a club of

women who achieve great things. We are all important, and we work even better in the right fitting clothes.

Thank you,



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