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There is a certain smile and that smile is worth every pound

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What excites you? What drives you? Recently I was asked about my entrepreneurial journey.

Q: in short describe what do you do?

A: I have had this question asked before. I make people feel beautiful.


You said describe in short. I did. And my answer puzzled people..

Meaning of bespoke is when the cloth has spoken to you. With every bespoke ladies wear client I notice that smile. . Every client has had it. A moment when you like what you see and it’s so exciting. Most often we see what we like, we smile and go silent. In that moment I say - I like looking at beautiful things.

I have always said it you have to be very decisive to be my client. Not everyone can stand 20 min in calico in front of that big mirror. Truth comes out in front of that mirror. If you are comfortable with your truth it’s all good, you will feel beautiful.

Radiant smile! That's my client - decisive, hard working and she deserves this moment of joy and beauty!

Lots of love,


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