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How I Met The Queen

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

I love Eton and my time there! I was only a small shop/studio keeper and passionate to get involved with local community activities. If I get an idea that keeps me up at night I will wake up next day and go – ok what is it going to take to make it all happen! It took a lot, no kidding.

“How I met the Queen” project - 9 month prior to Queens 90th birthday summer 2016 I had the idea and at the end 3 weeks before the set opening date I miraculously pulled it all together and it happened.

Simple idea – we make a live exhibition of stories from general public when they have met the Queen, share their experience. Then print a book and gift it to the Queen for her birthday. Pop-up shop with timeline on one wall and few shelf’s of goods from local Eton high street stores that tourists and residents could purchase.

It was a wonderful journey for myself as well. Bringing a team of volunteers who would keep the place open for 6 weeks while I run my design studio and keep creating outfits for the busy summer season. We designed a Discover Eton guid book that later led to the opening of Eton walkaway and official trail guid to learn some of the rich history of Eton. Beauty of creating something is that you don’t know at first how many people will be inspired to make things happen.

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