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School Outreach Program

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

When it comes to education I like to reflect what was the learning experience for me and what where the pivotal points that guided me to choose the career path I did. I want to give back and inspire more young people to strive for more and achieve it! Only if you share the knowledge, encourage and mentor a better generation will be developed. Maybe I am a little bit selfish, because I like to think – these kids will buy my products one day and I want the price to stay up. So they better pursue a good career to be abele to afford fashion.  

This was the first time I was doing a workshop with school children. We learnt about different fabrics, textures and how clothes are put together. Simple thing like examining their own school blazer. During the 3 visits we worked alongside their warrior project. We designed a fabric collage armour, even learned how to stitch a button. Some of them knew already how to do it. The best moment was when on the last day little boy came up to me and said – this is the best day ever, I will never forget this. 

As the program is expanding we are design a workshop program for 16 year olds – talking about sustainability and innovation in fashion industry. What’s the general structure of business? Trail blazer or carrying on family business? How to recognise your personal strength and work on it to solve problems and innovate solutions.

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