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Figure Skating

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Family is where the ideas are first discussed and tested. And so it was with figure skating costumes. There is a little girl growing up who loves winter more than anything else. Age of 3 she started to ski, age of 5 she had the first fall in the ice rink. We waited patiently what will happen, she could not wait for the arm to heal to return to figure skating practices. And now an other 4 years later I have been flying out to Germany to designed and make the outfits not just for Liga Mary but also for her team members. Coach has a great understanding of each girls individual style and abilities, they match the music and sketch out the costume ideas. Then I arrive and make it all real. It takes time to plan and account for all the movements and visualize how the outfit will look when she’s spinning and gliding.

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