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The Suit Project

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Oh YES! Business is great, fashion is amazing but when you meet the right creative buddy – magic happens. Christine and I met on first of September 2017, she came in my studio as a client, she walked out and a whole new project was born. Life does give you lemons, you need to learn to squeeze the juice and make lemonade. Both of us recognised the need to bring awareness of social injustice. Sharing is caring and once you break the silence new wave of energy flows in. 

The Suit Project is a live art performance. Circle of life sort of speak. You need all the elements for wheel to turn. There is music, Christine hears the music it inspires her to paint, I see the colours and textures and I can visualise outfits. Jackets in this case. Music is infused with a story. Hard to tell where it all starts with story a chord of music or splash of paint… but it builds up to a unique experience. Underlining message is – no matter what’s the situation you have to put on the brave jacket and work on it.

We are recording and documenting the creative process of this project as it expands and crates shapes. 

Pictures are from Fast Minds festival 7th-8th of September 2018 in Kingston London, bringing awareness of life with ADHD. 

New topic for the project is exploring the world of change. What it takes to pick yourself up from the comfort of streets, change your mindset and work on creating a better future for oneself.

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