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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

When British humour meets fashion designer Ieva Poriete the Dame is born. Panto is where ridiculous and flamboyant dress style is most welcomed. And it is hilarious! Relationship between Theatre Royal Windsor grow slowly, couple last minute alterations when costumes where too tight for quick changeover to few bits and pieces to a most exciting dresses few years later. Steven Blakeley is very talented actor and script writer making nippy jokes that will take you by surprise, but the burst out of laughter is what makes it all the ultimate Panto experience. This year I was sitting in the audience, a joke was made and I was thinking it is even funnier because I made the costume! I laughed so much. It is magic when the right clothes are designed to bring out the character. Second year I have been involved with Steves and Basils costumes and Windsor Panto is getting reviews it deserves, see the Daily mail review of Panto 2018. It is wonderful to be part of theatre productions bringing smile to so many people.

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