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Ieva Poriete

Couturier & Entrepreneur

Ieva Poriete specialises in couture dressmaking and made-to-measure women’s business wear LULU STRIPE. Lulu Stripe launch was delayed due to ongoing pandemic.

 I have designed and made bespoke couture garments for over 360 clients in past 8 years; done last minute dress-mending for American TV celebrity Guilianna Rancic reporting on Royal Wedding, 2018 for channel E! Entertainment. Had a fantastic opportunity to assist and alter outfit for British actress Anna Friel when she was getting ready for BAFTA 2015 awards.

I continue to work with British TV icon Basil Brush, 80’s pop diva Denise Pearson, Theatre Royal Windsor, 

recently I started video series with Royal warrant fabric store Joel and Son. We discuss fashion trends, who influenced it and how to create a bespoke piece that works with you, watch the episodes on Ieva Poriete Youtube channel.

Community and charity projects I have played an integral part:

  • Blank Canvas – art therapy inspired workshops to accelerate self-esteem and increase employability 

  • Commemorate book for Queens 90th birthday 

  • School outreach – individual mentoring and guest speaker at career orientation days 

  • Jay Radcliffe album release – stage performance featuring music, live-painting and on-stage-sewing

  • Fast minds ADHD charity festival stage performance featuring music, live-painting and on-stage-sewing

About Me: Products By Request
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I have worked with Ieva for several years on pantomime at Theatre Royal Windsor.  I am able to go to her with the smallest of ideas and she intuits what I’m looking for in a costume, then produces something that far exceeds my expectations.  She is creative and skilled, has high standards and, most importantly of all, is a very nice person who’s a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her talent.


‘I used to wear flares in the 70's , but kept attracting rescue teams but nowadays  I can never find clothes in my size so I go to straight Ieva Poriete for something unique .....She is a booming delight to work with, runs with ideas and then makes them even better than ever's her attention to detail that makes her bespoke outfits fit for any occasion or show. .....whether it be for Elton John songs , Pantomime or the Edinburgh Festival  fringe . ...straight out of the top drawer , well , those I can reach .....Ha Ha BOOM! BOOM! a word ....Ieva Is a class maker , she is 'Style with a smile’

Basil Brush

About Me: Testimonials
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